10kg Family Value Grassfed Meat Pack

Price: 200.00 NZD
After spending a lifetime eating only naturally grown grass on our own property in Waimate North our quality Angus and Angus cross animals are shipped to the local registered abattoir and professionally processed for you the customer. This pack is by far the best value we deliver to your home in Auckland or Whangarei an insulated polybox containing a combination of Grassfed Meats Includes premium cuts of steak(fillet or sirloin),Rump Steak, Barbeque steak, Rolled Roast, Topside Roast, Corned Beef, Sausages and Mince

Grassfed Meat Pack 4kgs

Price: 100.00 NZD
Great value here with Grass-fed steak, sausages and mince included. Depending on avaialability your 4kg will include a combination of 2kgs of rump steak or porterhouse steak (or sirloin or scotch fillet)and 1kg of mince and 1kg of premium meaty butchers sausages. This premium quality meat will arrive in labelled bags around 1kg each packed into an insulated 'poly'-box. Price includes delivery to your door Auckland and Whangarei. Please specify chilled or frozen bearing in mind the chilled product may take a week or two until next animal is processed whereas frozen packs are available every week.

2.5kg Grassfed steak pack

Price: 100.00 NZD
Premium Steak Pack. This delicious grass-fed steak pack contains the best of the best. A combination of Eye fillet steak, sirloin steak or scotch fllet steak from our totally grass-fed animals grown on our unregistered but fully organic beef property in Waimate North. Before delivery we will check with you and explain the exact breakdown of cuts included in your pack. Meat can be chilled or frozen if you prefer. As we don't get animals processed every day or even every week it is possible the chilled product may have a couple of weeks waiting time before delivery. Price includes delivery to Auckland and Whangarei city areas and meat will arrive packed ready for freezer in labelled 1-1.5kg bags and kept chilled in a 'poly' box.