Grassfed Meat Pack 4kgs

100.00 NZD

Great value here with Grass-fed steak, sausages and mince included. Depending on avaialability your 4kg will include a combination of 2kgs of rump steak or porterhouse steak (or sirloin or scotch fillet)and 1kg of mince and 1kg of premium meaty butchers sausages. This premium quality meat will arrive in labelled bags around 1kg each packed into an insulated 'poly'-box. Price includes delivery to your door Auckland and Whangarei. Please specify chilled or frozen bearing in mind the chilled product may take a week or two until next animal is processed whereas frozen packs are available every week.

Delivery: 7-10 days, usually Saturday delivery to city, weekdays Bay of Islands
Additional info

Price is in NZ dollars not US dollar and includes a re-usable insulated poly bin delivered to your door and placed out of sight on your instruction so it will remain chilled or frozen for several hours if you happen to be at work when our agent delivers.